meet the artist

Hey there,

I'm Jill. I live just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I started this business in 2020 as an elementary teacher that suddenly had more time on my hands after COVID-19 closed our school. 

At the time, my husband and I were selling our first home without an agent, and I wanted to gift the buyer something special. I painted my very first home portrait and my little hobby took off into a full-blown business from there! 

Fast forward to now, my husband and I have two sons. I am no longer a teacher but have the gift of staying home with my boys and painting during nap time!

I find inspiration in nature, with my family, and listening to music. I am in awe of the beauty around us, despite the world being so evil at times. It is my joy and honor to paint such impactful pieces of your favorite places, people, and pets to put a smile on your face and leave a lasting impression. 

I can't wait to paint something special for you!